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  Ahn Hee Yeon_(2)
  Ahn So Hee_(27)
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  Bae Suzy_(132)
  Bang Minah_(19)
C UP ↑
  Chae Yeon_(5)
  Choi Soo Young_(16)
  Claudia Kim_(5)
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  Go Ara_(39)
  Goo Hara_(16)
  Grace Lee_(3)
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  Ha Ji Won_(8)
  Ham Eun Jeong_(4)
  Han Chae Young_(14)
  Han Ga In_(20)
  Han Hye Jin_(2)
  Han Hyo Joo_(15)
  Han Seung Yeon_(12)
  Han Ye Seul_(29)
  Heo Ga Yoon_(4)
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  Jang Nara_(1)
  Jennie Kim_(3)
  Jeon Ji Hyun_(18)
  Jeon Ji Yoon_(4)
  Jessica Jung_(135)
  Jun Hyo Seong_(6)
  Jung Eun Bi_(32)
  Jung Eun Ji_(1)
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  Kan Mi Youn_(3)
  Kang Ji Young_(12)
  Kang Min Kyung_(13)
  Kim A Joong_(16)
  Kim Ah Young_(11)
  Kim Da Hyun_(1)
  Kim Dasom_(2)
  Kim Ha Neul_(1)
  Kim Hyo Jin_(2)
  Kim Hyo Jung_(2)
  Kim Hyo Yeon_(8)
  Kim Ji Yeon_(8)
  Kim Jung hwa_(2)
  Kim Ok Bin_(3)
  Kim Sa Rang_(15)
  Kim Seol Hyun_(60)
  Kim So Yeon_(3)
  Kim Tae Hee_(125)
  Kim Yu Na_(1)
  Krystal Jung_(12)
  Kwon Boa_(94)
  Kwon Mina_(7)
  Kwon Yuri_(127)
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  Lee Bo Young_(4)
  Lee Da Hae_(6)
  Lee Hyeri_(6)
  Lee Hyori_(33)
  Lee Hyun Ji_(13)
  Lee Ji Eun_(73)
  Lee Jung Hyun_(20)
  Lee Mi Joo_(2)
  Lee Min Jung_(4)
  Lee Sun Kyu_(60)
  Lee Sunmi_(1)
  Lee Yeon Hee_(11)
  Linda Park_(39)
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  Moon Geun Young_(6)
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  Nam Gyu Ri_(17)
  Nicole Jung_(5)
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  Oh Cho Hee_(2)
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  Park Bo Young_(26)
  Park Bom_(5)
  Park Cho Ah_(20)
  Park Gyuri_(15)
  Park Han Byul_(37)
  Park Hyomin_(10)
  Park Kyung Ri_(6)
  Park Shin Hye_(18)
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  Raon Lee_(1)
  Ryu Su Jeong_(7)
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  Sandara Park_(7)
  Seo Ji Soo_(2)
  Seo Joo Hyun_(44)
  Shim Eun Jin_(2)
  Shin Min A_(20)
  Shin Se Kyung_(10)
  Smith Cho_(9)
  Son Dam Bi_(7)
  Son Ga In_(2)
  Son Ye Jin_(9)
  Song Hye Kyo_(56)
  Song Ji Hyo_(52)
  Stephanie Hwang_(88)
  Sulli Choi_(27)
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  Tae Yeon_(187)
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  Usun Yoon_(11)
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  Yoon Bora_(5)
  Yoon Eun Hye_(10)
  Yuna Kim_(130)
  Yunjin Kim_(32)
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