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  Amanda Hamilton_(1)
  Amy Macdonald_(7)
  Andrea McLean_(28)
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  Carol Kirkwood_(26)
  Carol Smillie_(17)
  Catriona Shearer_(5)
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  Dawn O'Porter_(2)
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  Fiona Dolman_(1)
  Freya Mavor_(2)
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  Gail Porter_(7)
  Georgia King_(1)
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  Hazel Irvine_(4)
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  Jackie Bird_(1)
  Jenni Falconer_(24)
  Joanna Vanderham_(4)
  Judy Murray_(4)
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  Karen Gillan_(428)
  Kate Bracken_(1)
  Kelly Macdonald_(1)
  Kirstie Steele_(2)
  Kirsty Gallacher_(47)
  Kirsty McCabe_(1)
  Kirsty Wark_(4)
  Kirsty Young_(12)
  Kt Tunstall_(6)
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  Laura Fraser_(3)
  Lorraine Kelly_(59)
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  Michaela Tabb_(7)
  Morven Christie_(1)
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  Natalie J Robb_(7)
  Nina Nesbitt_(1)
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  Ronni Ancona_(4)
  Rose Leslie_(57)
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  Sharleen Spiteri_(1)
  Sharon Small_(2)
  Shereen Nanjiani_(2)
  Shirley Manson_(27)
  Simone Lahbib_(3)
  Susie Wolff_(8)
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  Trai Anfield_(1)
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